Friday 28 August 2015

Owl & Mouse - Departures

Article by KevW

Like twee indiepop? Well a band called Owl & Mouse scream that from their name alone. Australian songwriter (now living in London) Hannah Botting has released solo records in the past, but gradually the band formed, releasing their debut album this summer. Female Australian songwriter fronting London-based band might bring to mind Allo Darlin', well, that band include Hannah's brother Bill, so there is a connection. Proving that there's plenty of talent in the family is sister Jen, also a member of Owl & Mouse, whose line-up is completed by Tom Wade of We Are Aeronauts and Emma Winston and Dan Mayfield from Darren Hayman's Long Parliament. Yep, there's indiepop pedigree here.

With fringes, flowers in their hair, pretty skirts (not the guys, we should point out!) and Hefner records in the summery video, it all begins to seem a bit too twee and nice, but by the end you're smiling as much as they are. 'Departures' is a lovely track, and while it borrows from here and there (I assume they'll give Belle & Sebastian's brass section back at some point) it's still a very strong tune with great melodies and arrangements. You can point to stereotypes easily enough and make comparisons, but this is a song that would make any band of this ilk proud. The chorus is as cute as a picnic hamper full of kittens, but it's catchy as heck and makes you go back for more. Twee indiepop this may be, but it's of the highest standard, and is incredibly easy to fall in love with.

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