Wednesday 19 August 2015

Downers - Noose

Article by KevW

Do we need to keep banging on about the shoegaze revival? No, I didn't think so. It's a bona-fide worldwide phenomenon, although we don't need to leave the UK to find Downers and their excellent new EP 'Noose'. They prefer to describe themselves as "Grunge Pop Rock", which, to be fair, is accurate. But if you blend those genres then the result, in this case, very much fits in with the aforementioned scene. In fact, lead track 'Graze' is a buzzing, towering wall of wailing guitars and vocals that opt to drift along with the music rather than impose themselves too heavily. It's a big song, and one that really requires some hefty speakers for the full-on sonic assault, but tape any valuable items to the shelf.

At first, 'Erase' seems less likely to trouble the structural foundations of your house, as it tones down the wind-tunnel guitars for the verses, but cranks it up again for the chorus. This is a little grungy, but in a very British way. When they hit the second half of the song they begin to build and propel it along with a touch more force. If your personal musical preference is for something closer to traditional grunge, then you need to stick around for 'Grown Out' which has a typical riff and bassline from that genre, and in this instance could have come from the other side of the pond. The vocals are still softly floating along in the background though (and is there even a cheeky mention of Slowdive in there?), so it's a hybrid of sorts, but a good one that proves these guys aren't one-trick ponies. Sometimes intense, but with a delicate side too.

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