Monday 3 August 2015

This Month's Playlist - August 2015

Article by KevW

Here are some of the best new tracks to land in our inbox recently. Stream each one individually below, or together on the playlist to the right. Enjoy!

Lost Dawn - Electricity

As someone who grew up in that part of the world, the transformation of the Cornish music scene over the past decade or so has been quite remarkable. Falmouth's Lost Dawn are a prime example, making slightly glam-infused psychedelic indie-rock that doesn't shy away from a little distortion. The single is released on August 14th, and they'll be playing some local festivals this month to boot.

Catch them live:

7 August: Boardmasters Festival, Newquay
30 August: In The City Festival, Truro
18 September: Looe Festival

Lost Dawn's website

The Noise - Dazzler

It's probably wise, should you choose to call a single 'Dazzler', to make sure it's not utterly appalling. The new one from Transylvanian band The Noise is anything but appalling;  this is a classic, scuzzy guitar tune with an uptempo, shuffling beat and some excellent sounding guitar. It may not be officially released as a single until September, but it's worth sticking on repeat right away.

The Noise's website

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The British IBM - We Were The Stars

When you hear a song as good as 'We Were The Stars' it makes you wonder why The British IBM have remained relatively under the radar for so long. The Cambridge band release second album 'Psychopaths Dream In Black and White' on September 4th and this track is an incredibly well made, slightly baroque, harmony-drenched thing of beauty. Could the LP see them make a breakthrough...?

The British IBM's website

WOMPS - Live A Little Less

Going against the usual line of thinking, Glasgow's WOMPS would like us to 'Live A Little Less'. Perhaps that's because they're making up for any potential shortfall in other people's lives themselves. This seems remarkably self-assured for a debut single, but then WOMPS gradually evolved from other bands and incarnations, so they know what they're doing. Getting Steve Albini in to produce a noisy, punky piece of guitar-pop is surely one less item on the bucket list too.

WOMPS' website

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Woolen Men - After The Flood

If you're new to Portland, Oregon band Woolen Men, then you've got some catching up to do. Their debut album was out in 2013, followed by an acoustic album, a live album, a rarities collection, and two brand new EPs. Now, a second proper LP, 'Temporary Monument', has been announced for early September. Judging by 'After The Flood', we'll be looking at pristine indie with the odd flash of organ that sounds just great.

Woolen Men's website

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Rayland Baxter - Yellow Eyes

Perhaps it's the fact that his new album was recorded in Nashville that gives singer-songwriter and producer Rayland Baxter's music a slight country twang, although past works are similar in style. Whatever your taste, there can be little denying that tracks like 'Yellow Eyes' are excellent, classic sounding guitar songs with no pretense and just a whole load of talent. The album, 'Imaginary Man', will be released on August 14th and already the press are queuing up to offer praise.

Rayland Baxter's website

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The Diamond Age - Sleepwalking

The Diamond Age are a duo from Southampton and thus far have released a few records via Bandcamp. Their latest track is 'Sleepwalking', a shimmery indiepop/dreampop song that could have come from some of the finest bands in the Scandinavian alternative music scene. This is well put together and has an impressive attention to detail. If they keep this up, they might not be unsigned for much longer.

The Diamond Age's website

Medicine Men - Lowlands

Formed last year, Medicine Men are another band who could be an important addition to Scotland's rich musical heritage. New single 'Lowlands' (out on September 4th) comes in with some buzzing synths and then a galloping beat as it pummels its way into your cranium without having to use any trickery or resort to metal effects. It's a great, big, storming alt-rock anthem-in-waiting basically.

Medicine Men's website

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Bare Traps - Every Time

Every so often a British indie type band will crack through and hit commercial success. Having already been compared to chart-botherers such as Two Door Cinema Club, Foals and The 1975, London quartet Bare Traps might make that transition themselves. 'Every Time' is only their debut single, but it's catchy, poppy and slightly math-rock influenced. With another two singles planned soon, momentum may just start to build. 

Bare Traps' website

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CROSSS - Dance Down

Hearing 'Dance Down' by Canadian trio CROSSS, it would appear that a tour supporting Built To Spill is something of a mismatch, but while CROSS are less commercial, they do, as a rule, fit into the experimental metal and drone-rock categories. 'Dance Down' is, therefore, perhaps a little misleading, being a slow, lo-fi number that shuns polished production, and is certainly not something you can actually dance too.

CROSSS' website

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Zola Blood - Play Out

Zola Blood pricked up a few ears with their debut EP late last year, and the London four-piece will be looking to build on that, having enlisted Wild Beasts and Ghostpoet producer Richard Formby to take care of desk duties on the follow-up. So they're not lacking ambition, and neither are they lacking a good sound, because 'Play Out' is a modern, pulsating piece of electro-pop that's almost certain to gain them plenty of plaudits.

Zola Blood's website

Helene Greenwood - Flat Roof House

If you start writing music aged just ten, and some of your first memories are playing along to thunderstorms, then you can probably expect a good amount of atmosphere to infiltrate what you're doing. Having released her first album, 'Collectible You', in 2013, London-based Helene Greenwood returns with the follow-up later this year. As expected, 'Flat Roof House' is a perfect collision of quirky pop, downbeat ambient sounds, and a splash of jazz that creates something quite unique.

Helene Greenwood's website

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