Thursday 20 August 2015

Kagoule - Made of Concrete

Article by KevW

Minimal, strange, repetitive, yet weirdly hypnotic. It could be the description of a song, but in this case it refers to the video for Kagoule's latest single 'Made Of Concrete' (apparently an ode to David Lynch, but I'll let film buffs figure that one out for themselves rather than make a fool of myself trying to explain). The Nottingham trio, who are still in their teens, release their debut album 'Urth' tomorrow, and that always tempts the tired old cliche about them being remarkably accomplished for such a young band, but why shouldn't they be? They've already picked up some great press from both sides of the Atlantic and been labelled ones to watch on more than one occasion.

Well, the waiting is just about over, and in 'Made Of Concrete' they've created their own take on alt-rock. Apparent influences are Smashing Pumpkins and Fugazi, but aside from some scruffy guitar you'd struggle to make a genuine comparison to either band, and that's a testament to their own talent and ideas. A stripped back and haunted intro soon gives way to plenty of that distorted guitar which then weaves through and wraps itself around the song giving a piercing backdrop for Lucy Hatter's vocal. This is the sound of a band living up to the hype, and let's hope they're just getting started.

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