Wednesday 5 August 2015

Reuben Hollebon - Faces

Article by KevW

Some songs just start, they do their thing and then wave goodbye. Others, well, they can take you on a bit of a journey, and 'Faces' by Reuben Hollebon without a doubt falls into the latter category. The track first appeared online a couple of years ago, and, like much of his other material, we covered it then, but with a new video accompaniment and a new release it deserves some reappraisal. In that time it's lost none of its charm, and the Norfolk artist's voice still engages.

The steady build and immaculate production are the perfect foil for that voice, and the whole thing is enhanced by the visuals which are both strange and slightly unsettling with it. It all adds to the mystery of course, and it's great to know there are musicians like this out there to offer genuine alternatives. In a parallel universe somewhere, this guy is a huge star.

Reuben Hollebon's website

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