Wednesday 5 August 2015

Get Me Free #24: Streaming Lights - Box Room Boy

Article by KevW

It's been a few years since the indie world went cowbell crazy with acts like The Rapture enjoying success, but Hull trio Streaming Lights have a similar line in danceable guitar music, especially on new release 'Box Room Boy'. After some classic rock sounding guitar, that beat hits, along with a funky bassline that will fill the floor at many an indie disco. The guys got together in 2010, intent on pushing their sound forward, so there's plenty of past material to delve into as well.

It's this potential crossover track that could take them to another level though, with crashing cymbals and a sound that sees '80s new-wave and synth-pop meet more current styles, especially with the production. The little musical melting-pot they've created for themselves could see them do well, with potential for a wide audience on obvious display, but all the while keeping in mind that they're in this to make good records, not to sell out. It's all working perfectly at the moment.

Download 'Box Room Boy' for free by heading here

Streaming Lights' website

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