Thursday 27 August 2015

Vaadat Charigim - Hashiamum Shokea

Article by KevW

You can spend much of your life obsessing over new music, but it's not everyday that you discover a band, particularly one from a different country, when they're still in a relatively embryonic stage. It was lucky for us then, that we were contacted by Israeli shoegazers Vaadat Charigim back in 2012 and were able to see those demos progress to form a well-received debut album a year later. Not only did it gives us a new band to get excited about, it opened up our eyes to the previously overlooked (in the west at least) Tel Aviv music scene, something which Noisey have just reported on.

Already available digitally and on CD, Vaadat Charigim's second LP, 'Sinking As A Stone', gets a vinyl release on September 18th, and in support of this the band have released a new video to single 'Hashiamum Shokea' which was shot by drummer Yuval Guttman. Lyrically, the track is (apparently) about boredom and pointlessness, something that's echoed in the actions of the people in the video. Musically though, this is far from pointless, but it is a little slower and more expansive than some of their other work, yet it still shows off some wonderful guitar textures and is definitely in tune with traditional shoegaze, with a louder, more lofty and fuzz-laden chorus. It really is great to see Vaadat Charigim producing the goods and getting the attention they deserve on the world stage.

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