Sunday 23 August 2015

Monogold - Pink Lemonade

Article by KevW

There's a bit of a contradiction going on here. The artwork to Brooklyn band Monogold's first full album since 2011 shows a wintry scene (although they have coloured the snow pink, which kind of makes it feel a bit warmer), when their new single is made for summer, even mentioning "warm summer days" in its lyrics. The album, 'Good Heavens', is due on September 25th, so perhaps the overall theme will span the yearly cycle and feature more autumnal tracks as well (mind you, recent single 'Orchard Beach' is also of a similar style), but this is just aural sunshine that's so chilled it might as well have been waiting in an ice-bucket for you to get out of the pool.

Casual guitar strums and a simple beat offer a certain jauntiness to the music that keeps it fresh and light, while the vocals are harmonious and soft. They too don't sound urgent, but instead rather dreamy and welcoming. Perhaps the pastel shade that's been Photoshopped onto the cover serves as a different kind of clue as to what lies within. No, this isn't a song for that time of year, but it does feel as though its made of cosy pastel shades. If it's a glorious day where you are, then this is the soundtrack to it. So stick 'Pink Lemonade' on, maybe even pour yourself a glass of some, and then just relax and enjoy.

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