Thursday 20 August 2015

Evening Hymns - All My Life I Have Been Running

Article by KevW

Evening Hymns are set to release their new album 'Quiet Energies' in October, but it sounds as though there were a few birthing pains along the way. Frontman Jonas Bonnetta states that the record was written with the intent of "gaining clarity and finding comfort in chaos". Last album, 'Spectral Dusk', may have been a critical and commercial success, but the subject matter focused heavily on grief suffered in the aftermath of his father's passing, and the ensuing North American and European tour. It doesn't sound like the happiest place to be. Over analysis and striving to find solitude and answers can leave you feeling isolated and vulnerable.

In the end, Bonnetta realised how to accept who he was and the way life is and focus on moving on. Writing commenced as soon as the tour finished and the band reconvened to begin recording. 'All My Life I Have Been Running' says a lot in its title alone, but the lyrics almost feel like a form of therapy; a man pouring out his emotions in order to gain release, to "bury the demons". With Tom Petty as an inspiration and the notion of needing a big track to launch this new phase, not just of the band but of life as a whole, this song was written, and it is confident, powerful, expansive and ambitious. As far as contemporary US alt-rock goes, 'All My Life I Have Been Running' is a grand statement, regardless of its origins. It's often said that some of the best music comes from pain, anguish and confusion, and Evening Hymns have given that theory further credence here.

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