Friday 21 August 2015

Loraine - Qualm

Article by KevW

Post-rock is one of those genres that always divides opinion. To some people, the idea of an extended, ambient instrumental piece that eventually grows into something louder is tediously dull, but to those who follow the genre, beauty will be found, and the quiet moments only add to the power and suspense that comes when everything crashes together. The other problem is that, as a rule, post-rock isn't something you can get into after a solitary listen. Repeat plays are often required. Atlanta's Loraine have managed to circumnavigate most of these problems on new single 'Qualms', a track which is taken from their forthcoming debut album.

How? Well, for starters, it's under four minutes, and while there is a gentle beginning, it's only a short time before the shimmering ambiance is broken by thumping drums and overlaid lead guitar lines. You don't have to wait for a slow fade. Then they kick in with the full force of a soaring guitar solo and crashing cymbals that give the intensity and power that's key to capturing the attention of casual fans. If that wasn't enough, the accompanying visuals don't hold back either. Fires, smashing things with baseball bats and an attempted suicide in a bathtub aren't exactly lightweight images, but this isn't a lightweight band. In condensing post-rock down to it's most appealing characteristics, Loraine have hit a winner.

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