Wednesday 12 August 2015

Get Me Free #31: Damned Rivers - Watch You Fall

Article by KevW

If you call Nashville home then it's not unlikely that you'll be brought up knowing a thing or two about at least a couple of genres who can call the city their spiritual birthplace; it may even be in your blood. With Damned Rivers you get the sense that the latter is true. The quartet describe them selves as a "young band", and only began making music together last year, but they've already mastered their own take on alt-country-infused rock music that contains passionate lyrics and feels self-assured without being cocky. Their self-titled EP is out this week and contains five songs that don't seem like the work of a group who've only been together for a year or so. The entire EP is completely free to download, and it's worthwhile doing so.

Perhaps the pick of the bunch is 'Watch You Fall' which is a blend of classic Americana, alt-rock and indie, all with the thoughtful lyrics that look like becoming a trademark for the band. The wailing guitar intro is very much in the vein of the great US alt-rock bands of the past couple of decades, but there's much more here than that. This song is over five minutes in length, and not a second is wasted, as the crashing drums and lead guitar give way to verses that tell a story to a slower beat, but it doesn't dull the track whatsoever, in fact it's quite the opposite. By the time you get to the Neil Young-esque guitar solo (Mr. Young seems to be very much in fashion again at the moment), then you really notice what a well put together listen 'Watch You Fall' is. Keep an eye out for this band, falling doesn't seem part of the plan. Watch them rise.

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