Thursday 27 August 2015

Get Me Free #43: Dödens Dal - Det Som Följer

Article by KevW

Starting out with a trio of albums written about grief isn't necessarily the most cheery, not to mention commercial move you can make, but that's exactly what Swedish duo Dödens Dal have done. Rickard Jäverling and Henrik von Euler's first album was 2013's 'Gå Ensam Förbi Horisonten' (roughly translated as 'Walk Alone Past The Horizon') and was influenced by vintage electronics, soundtracks and repetitive music. Last year came the second, 'Korsa Jord Luft, Is' ('Across Earth, Ice Air'), and now the trilogy is about to be completed with the arrival of 'På Natten, Ovan Molnen' ('At Night, Above The Clouds') in October. New single 'Det Som Följer' ('What Follows') is out now and continues the cinematic, retro electronic vibe.

The concept may seem odd, but the music has been splendid, and this atmospheric instrumental is spacious and thoughtful, almost acting as a blank canvas for your own ideas to be painted on. A slow, deep bass and beat are the foundations for the track, and sound as though they could be from an early Massive Attack record, but the keys and synths that noodle their way through the song offer a lightness until it breaks down towards the end and the mood changes to one of a calm sadness. There is to be an EP made whereby vocalists from other groups (including Peter, Bjorn & John) add lyrics to these pieces of music, but they work fine as they are. After that? Well, Dödens Dal will apparently be writing an album about an artist who discovered an alien settlement on an island in Sweden. These two aren't taking the conventional route, that's for sure. and it's to their credit.

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