Friday 7 August 2015

The Woolly Bushmen - Sky Bosses

Article by KevW

The way some music endures is quite amazing, and everyone will have their own favourite genres. One which has been continually reevaluated and is perhaps more widespread now than ever before is '60s garage, particularly that with a touch of psych about it. Florida's The Woolly Bushmen are one of many bands revisiting these sounds and attempting to faithfully recreate them using original equipment and techniques wherever possible. To that end, the trio have just released their debut album which they recorded on reel-to-reel tape.

The title-track from 'Sky Bosses' could trick you into thinking it was a lost 45 from fifty years ago, yet it still has a fresh feel. Rather than a gritty guitar riff, it's organ that takes the lead here, leaving the guitar to intersperse the song with dirty breaks and a wicked solo. There's a (perhaps unintentional) nod to The Cramps with the reverb on the vocals and on the way they omit a feral scream at times, although overall this track is less punky. Without so much compression, the instruments seem to have more room to breathe, resulting in something that feels both organic and a little out of this world with it.

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