Wednesday 19 August 2015

Get Me Free #35: Swervedriver - Winter Depths

Article by KevW

As one of the more prominent of the original shoegaze type bands of the late '80s and early '90s, it was (nicely distorted) music to many people's ears that Swervedriver become the latest group of the original scene to reform and record a new album. That album, 'I Wasn't Born To Lose You', was released earlier this year, and soon after they had this brand new ready track to drop just in time for summer. Being called 'Winter Depths', it was probably an obvious choice; perhaps some kind of reaction to the deluge of sunshine-fulled pop we normally get during these few months. It's perhaps not the most sunny and cheerful of songs you'll ever hear, but it's definitely a thing of beauty.

Quite often you find that reformed bands, or those who've been around for a long time, will attempt to distance themselves from their past, which is understandable, but when your past has become so celebrated amongst the shoegaze revivalists, then why try and hide it? It's the genre that celebrates itself after all. 'Winter Depths' could be off one of their early records and also has a bit of a Catherine Wheel vibe to it, but as soon as that uplifting guitar fuzz begins you know it's going to be good either way. Really, this is too good to give away free, but Swervedriver are obviously generous chaps, and this epic-feeling chunk of noise, nostalgia and slightly wistful lyrics sounds great come rain or shine, so we'll take it gladly.

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