Monday 3 August 2015

Get Me Free #22: Automatic Writing - Icons

Article by KevW

Releasing electro-pop that has one eye on the 1980s is hardly going to startle anyone anymore, but if you can mix that retro vibe with something up to date and unique then you're on to a winner; it's the best of both worlds. That's where London brothers Neave and Jamie Merrick, better known as Automatic Writing, come in. Taken from their EP 'New Colours' which is released in full later this week, the pair blend the sounds of those past heroes (they've even supported Heaven 17) and add a touch of Italo disco and psychedelia.

From the EP is free download 'Icons', a song with a bubbling rhythm, squidgy synths and a sound that's as colourful as its cover. It's jam-packed full as well, they're not going for the minimalist approach with this one. As well as multi-layers of electronics, the lyrics are a near monotone for the verses, before switching to wordless, ethereal sighs for the chorus. Automatic Writing aren't the first band to move in this kind of sonic realm, and they won't be the last, but at least they leave their own mark and make it worthwhile.

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