Wednesday 19 August 2015

Acting Strange - Rumble

Article by KevW

Much has been made, for several years now, about how guitar music is dead. That is, of course, a complete load of cobblers; guitar music is as varied, interesting, widespread and great as it ever was. But it does come in many different forms, of course. You'd guess that most Glasgow residents would laugh as the mere suggestion of the death of guitars, the city's musical heritage speaks for itself, and, almost on a daily basis, we discover another excellent new band from the Scottish musical epicentre. We can now add Acting Strange to that list. Two cousins from the East End who will release their EP 'A Night On The Tiles' on September 8th.

Single 'Rumble' is a catchy, scruffy guitar-pop song that successfully combines a few different styles and eras. What you notice first is a ragged jangling riff that is heavily reminiscent of The Velvet Underground, but the melodies are poppier and the harmonies are sweeter, calling to mind earlier '60s bands such as The Beach Boys. Then we get a surprise as they slow things down for a quite wonderful chorus that recalls Marc Bolan at his peak. It's addictive stuff and commands a wider audience, so fingers crossed, that's what they receive. At just under three-minutes it should be the perfect length for this type of thing, yet it's all over too quickly. Listen for yourselves. Then repeat.

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