Sunday 9 August 2015

Get Me Free #28: Diary Of My Misanthropy - Kindness is Weakness

Article by Karla Harris

Diary Of My Misanthropy is the project of Prague-based Vladyslav Tsarenko who cites the main influences for his current experimental post-rock/ambient EP 'Theatre of the Absurd' as dystopian novels (with particular emphasis on Orwell's '1984') and worldwide current affairs. For those of us that feel the world in all its glory, and all its horror, it is easy to understand how one could become slightly misanthropic. In an interview with Deadshotzine, Vladsylav revealed that a lot of what you hear in the EP is inspired by the events that occurred in his home country of Ukraine last year. The riots, the revolution, Russia's military intervention, and the thousands of lives senselessly extinguished. He goes on to explain: "The main idea which I want to convey by this EP is the absurdity of what is happening around us. The war for peace, a pseudo-freedom and control of the masses through propaganda and mass media, as well as the worldwide ignorance which leads to the power of politicians and corporations."

Yes, 'Theatre of the Absurd' is an angry EP with bitter, reaching arrangements, resentful riffs and the echoes of a lifetime of questions left unanswered. It is also incredibly beautiful and moving. This can be seen most prominently in our 'Get Me Free' track choice, 'Kindness is Weakness', where soaring string sections gently reach out in sad embrace alongside post-rock nuances. The track is desperately broken in two by a reverb kraut warning echo of sheer frustration, carrying the message that, actually, everything's not okay. Its climax sees furious textured guitar riffs spiraling in a chaotic sense of foreboding puzzlement. In despair. 'Kindness is Weakness' is built out of ruins. Out of a kindness that has turned stagnant. It incorporates elements of nu metal, experimental, post rock, and prog to portray the loss of innocence. It is united, yet divided. It is a desperate shout in the dark to a world that, quite frankly, doesn't give a shit. Its wordless message is monumental.

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