Wednesday 26 August 2015

Lionlimb - Turnstile

Article by KevW

There's been no getting away from the fact that One Direction are going on a year's "hiatus" any time now. Even the national news has reported it. A year? Some of our favourite bands regularly take two or three years between albums. By the time they return, many of their pre-pubescent fans will have grown up and moved on anyway. What would be really impressive, is if they made their return in a similar way to Nashville-born group Lionlimb, although it's highly unlikely anything other than sickly chart-pop will be on the cards. We could pretend to know about the first incarnation of Lionlimb, although sadly that's not the case, but according to reports, this new single shows a change in sound "including jazz elements and Bowie-esque guitar arrangements".

First conceived back in 2010 by Stewart Bronaugh, the project was soon put on hold as he worked day jobs around the US. A while later he began working with drummer Joshua Jaeger, and soon the pair joined Angel Olsen's band. Now though, with a new producer on board, Lionlimb return with new single 'Turnstile', an inventive and eclectic piece of experimental indie. Their are jazz elements, and also a touch of trip-hop, but that's mainly concealed behind the vocals and guitar that drive the track. The instrumental break brings this back in though, and is as much Neil Young as it is Bowie. It's a very strong and confident song from a group who clearly aren't short on ideas. Unless they leave it another five years, this is definitely a space worth watching.

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