Monday 17 August 2015

Evvol - Eternalism

Article by KevW

Evvol are well travelled both musically and physically. They include members from Australia and Ireland but have been based in Berlin, and Europe seems to suit them well. As members of the band Kool Thing, they've toured the continent with Austra, as well as hooking up support slots with the likes of Grimes and Peaches, After their self-titled release in 2013, it was decided a change was needed, and so now we have the debut album from this new project, and it builds on the twilight electronic foundations laid down by their previous guise.

Certain tracks on 'Eternalism' inhabit that same nighttime space; 'Denouement' in particular has a sleepy, otherworldly quality, but this isn't an ambient album and there are plenty of twists and turns to keep you engaged. Opener 'I See You (I Am You)' could be an updated, female version of Kraftwerk with its pulses and sparse beat, although vocally its much warmer, if equally as spooky, and utilizes guitars as well as for an extra layer of texture. Sometimes bands set out their stall from the off, but not Evvol. Second track 'Sola' sees the tempo switch down and airy washes of synth bring about that same dreamy feeling as 'Denouement', but again more conventional instruments join the fray, in this instance a flute.

There are a couple of points where short soundscapes do punctuate their breathy electro-pop: 'Sirius A' is an unusual piece composed largely of synth-piano stabs and eerie background noises, while 'Vega' is softer but still comes across as being slightly abstract with handclaps, analogue sounds and a heavy bass. These brief interludes are something of a contrast to the Cocteau Twins-esque 'Starcrossed' which really sees them put their new sound into full effect and provides a real highlight, and the glitchy '90s clubland influenced 'Your Love' changes again, feeling both experimental and retro. Maybe the closest comparison to 'Eternalism' would be Puro Instinct's slightly overlooked 'Headbangers In Ecstasy' album, which also dipped in and out of the twilight zone, blending the organic with the man-made. It's an interesting and varied listen to say the least. Bring on the next chapter.

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