Monday 24 August 2015

Get Me Free #40: Husband Material - Bigger Man

Article by KevW

The latest installment of Art Is Hard's 'Hand Cut Singles Club' is this new track from Husband Material, the new band featuring Richard Board, formerly of Bos Angeles. Also part of this new venture are Charlotte Desborough on keyboards and vocals, Zac Harris on bass, and Bos Angeles' drummer George Rothman. As far as we can tell, 'Bigger Man' is just the third track the group have posted online since their debut release 'What Did I Do Wrong' earlier this year, the second being a cover of Mac DeMarco's instrumental track 'Hoso Boya' for which they added melody and lyrics. That cover showed both a pop sensibility and a sense of humour, but here they're a bit more serious. Well, lyrically at least.

'Bigger Man' is an almost desperate love song about giving up whatever is necessary to get with the person of their dreams. Musically it's quite slick, and could almost be considered a pastiche were it not so well done. Alt-pop and indie sounds give way to a retro electro-pop slowie; this could be a synth tune straight out of the '80s and even has a little Prince about its glimmering washes of sound and funk leanings, but its less fussy and achieves that sound using less instrumentation, relying on walls of synth and backing vocals to get what it wants. It's been difficult to shake off that decade for several years, and perhaps (if anyone still uses the phrase), this could be considered a yacht rock ballad. People can call it what they want, but I think we'll go for "guilty pleasure" - and that seems to be the idea of Husband Material as a whole. You have to say, they do it very well.

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