Thursday 27 August 2015

Fine, It's Pink - Young Burns

Article by KevW

Unfortunately, we can't give you the story as to how Fine, It's Pink got their unusual name, but it's an odd moniker for sure. The Romanian group started in 2013 as a covers band (they even formed in a karaoke bar), but soon began getting a following and adding their own compositions to the set. It's lucky they did, because it turns out they're rather good at making their own songs, not just copying other people's. 'Young Burns' is the band's first video single and is taken from their debut album, also called 'Young Burns', which is set to be released at the end of September.

With a quiet start of vocals and minimal instrumentation, a certain tone is set, then the angelic voice slowly seems to build before heavenly sighs and synths bring in a dreampop vibe, but thanks to the deep bass and shuffling beat, more of a trip-hop sound takes over. You could even call this post-rock; it covers a lot of bases and condenses different attributes from different genres into one song. There's emotion, heaps of atmosphere, and it's all carefully produced to bring out the best of what it a relatively complex composition. They have an unusual name, and while their music may not be unusual as such, it certainly has a unique quality thanks to their blend of influences. You can see critics going wild for this lot, let's hope the public do too.

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