Sunday 23 August 2015

Get Me Free #39: Virginia Sook - Love Everyone

Article by KevW

It's a bumper Sunday treat for today's 'Get Me Free'. Firstly, there's the gorgeously soothing and heartfelt 'Love Everyone' by Australian quartet Virginia Sook, which rather wonderfully takes downbeat, semi-acoustic music and stops it from becoming dull. You can even detect a faint whiff of Mazzy Star about the way the electric guitar provides twangy interludes to this laid-back gem. In a world of compressed music files, the spaciousness here is both welcome and refreshing, Almost commanding you (in a very subtle way) to sit back and absorb it. It's one of the prettiest, most intimate songs we've featured for a while.

'Love Everyone' is really only part of the story, because it's taken from a split EP which features the similarly chilled and thoughtful 'God and Science' by the same band. Even more down-tempo, they repeat the trick of making such gentle sounds engage you fully. The other two tracks on this EP are from London-based Yorkshireman Christopher Marks who goes by the name Lake Michigan. His contributions, 'Esme' and 'Sunspots' are stripped right down to the bare bones of guitar and voice, with little production so that his baritone voice is left untouched and gives the impression that you're intruding on his private thoughts as he sings. All in all, this set is enough to sooth any post-Saturday sore heads.

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