Tuesday 18 August 2015

Grass House - Unknown In The Scene/Learning To Less Feel

Article by KevW

We've been banging on about London-via Yorkshire's Grass House since their first single a few years ago, and when their debut album 'A Sun Full And Drowning' arrived in 2013 it didn't disappoint one bit, making our albums of the year list with plenty of room to spare. A couple of stand-alone songs have been put on their SoundCloud page since then, as well as an unlikely but oddly beautiful cover The Everly Brothers' 'All I Have To Do Is Dream', but only recently have they begun gearing up for their second LP which is due out later this year. First track 'Learning To Less Feel' was, if anything, an expansion of their existing sound but also a slight lightening of shade (echoed by the artwork). It was a match for most of their output thus far.

Now we have a second cut from the album, 'Unknown In The Scene', which casually brushes aside any hint of second album syndrome. The deep and commanding voice is the same but the melody is a little brighter, while the comparisons of old (Nick Cave, Tindersticks) remain. Grass House aren't going pop on us, but they do seem to be flexing their muscles a little more in terms of crafting memorable and, to put it bluntly, bloody brilliant alt-rock songs. The production is inch perfect and lifts this track to a different level. If they have another ten or so of these lined up, then another appearance in our albums of the year list will be a dead certainty. They're going from strength to strength.

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