Wednesday 26 August 2015

The Mexanines – Rocket

Article by Steve Boniface

A Leeds four piece who have consistently grown their fan base since starting up eight years ago, The Mexanines have grown from a talented but predictable indie proposition to something genuinely fresh. Their new single, ‘Rocket’, is released at the end of September, and marks the start of a new string of songs which will presumably be followed by an album in the fullness of time. If ‘Rocket’ is any indication, The Mexanines have developed a great maturity to their new work, and a quality of sound which matches any indie band currently out there. By blending subtle electronic touches into their rock groove and screaming guitars, they add a new dimension to a trusted formula.

The melodies are subtle enough that they don’t immediately suggest themselves as earworms, but a couple of listens in they will work their way under your skin. The verse vocal, delivered in an almost throwaway low register, sets the table nicely for a more bombastic chorus. With support slots already under their belts with the likes of Embrace and Pigeon Detectives, The Mexanines are no strangers to big venues and large crowds. With more songs like this, they have the potential to headline in those same places in the relatively near future.

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