Saturday 22 August 2015

Nudes - Constant Summer

Article by KevW

Nudes will be releasing their self-titled debut album at the end of September, and 'Constant Summer' is the first track to be taken from it. None of them are new to this game though, and could in fact be considered a post-punk/fuzz-rock/indie supergroup, as the trio consist of members of playlounge, Breathe Out and Saturday's Kids. The record is described as being "a band excited to be finding their sound and not pausing too long to think about what it should be". In other words, they just got the heck on with it, knocked out an album in three weeks and had fun while they were at it. It sounds like a great way to make music, but that approach can either result in something amazing or some messy, half-written rubbish.

To be honest, it's unlikely that Barely Regal Records would be releasing it if it were the latter, and this first cut reassures us that the label have good ears. 'Constant Summer' is a prime piece of energetic fuzz-pop with echoes of shoegaze and perhaps a penchant for Sonic Youth. The rampant drums make this fizz along, and they don't scrimp on melody either. Were it not for that buzzing guitar then you could even call this indiepop, but instead it just sounds like a no nonsense piece of punky, reverberating discord that's smoothed over by the soft, non-confrontational lead vocal; it's the music that's sharp and it's the perfect foil for that voice. If this is not thinking too much, it would be interesting to see what happened if these three properly put their minds to it, but they already sound pretty much perfect as it is.

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