Tuesday 4 August 2015

Get Me Free #23: SALFUMÁN - Noche en el spa

Artcile by KevW

A few years ago everyone would either be lumping this new single by Spanish artist SALFUMÁN is with the press-generated yacht-rock or chillwave scenes, although, like most media-hyped passing fads, those names don't tend to get used as much now. 'Noche en el spa' is very much in that vein though, inhabiting a word where indie/guitar music and electronica never really became separated, and, naturally, it sounds like liquid sunshine.

With just about every instrument treated in some way, the effect is hazy and upbeat, yet laid-back with it. Reverb-heavy guitars flutter in and out of the wash of synths that do take their cue from the '80s, and the vocals also don't get up and in your face, preferring to do their work from a distance. The resulting collage is one that will please fans of guitar music, pop and electronica, giving SALFUMÁN a great springboard to work from.

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