Tuesday 18 August 2015

Warhorses - Burning Desire

Article by KevW

Detroit has always been associated with music, and is especially notable for being the home of Motown and birthing some of the finest garage rock bands in history, from The MC5 to The White Stripes and beyond (as well as other notable big hitters like Eminem), and this garage rock legacy isn't planning to disappear anytime soon, as this new 7" from Warhorses proves. Much darker and a little heavier than some of their contemporaries, they whip up a weighty storm of smoky psych with a thunderous rhythm section, some frazzled guitar and an impassioned, forceful vocal on 'Burning Desire'. It's no shrinking violet, that's for sure.

Perhaps even better is B-side 'Bury Your Dead'. It has the same brute force but instead of slowly pounding away at your eardrums it ups the tempo with a beat that just seems to skip along behind a winding lead guitar line. The vocals are once again dark and moody, but the tone is a touch less cumbersome allowing a more freedom, something which some squalling guitar solos take full advantage of. You get a similar tone to that found on certain Dandy Warhols tracks and despite the looseness afforded to it, it still sounds as though the band are a very tight and accomplished unit. They're doing their city's heritage no harm with sounds like these.

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