Monday 24 August 2015

FANS - Born Into

Article by KevW

For the past couple of months, Yorkshire trio FANS have been unveiling tracks from their first proper release, the 'Born Into EP' which is due at the start of September. It's easy enough to see where there influences lie, and it's refreshing that they're not afraid to admit what they are in a world where you find people denying they've even listened to another group they sound almost identical to. The lead-track from the EP gives two big clues. Essentially, FANS (who modestly but correctly describe themselves as "indie rock") have taken the sound of early Strokes records and mixed it in with '90s alt-rock, giving us a scruffy garage sound that's rough around the edges.

Vocally and melodically it's difficult not to hear the influence of Julian Casablancas, and the FANS Twitter page even posted this message yesterday: "Happy birthday to the real JC ". His main band may be a clear influence, but the fervent guitars are closer to post-grunge or shoegaze. The video is a good fit too, nothing to flashy, and the black and white, small space live performance seems apt for a band starting out on an unpolished road. Could the upside down guitar be a nod to Jimi Hendrix? Maybe. Comparisons are one thing, and FANS will likely have had several people citing the same ones, but when it comes to the crunch it's whether or not you've got the tunes that counts. 'Born Into' serves as enough proof that these guys have, so a good future may lie ahead.

FANS' website

Catch them live:

September 18th - Leeds - Nation of Shopkeepers
September 26th - London - Amersham Arms

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