Friday 7 August 2015

Potty Mouth - Cherry Picking

Article by KevW

It's probably not just by chance that several prominent early '90s alt-rock bands have been reforming in the past couple of years (Veruca Salt, L7, The Popguns...). With the change in music consumption meaning that fads are less common and that any genre of music can be listened to until your ears bleed; nothing really goes out of fashion, it just depends on personal taste, and even that seems less restricted to set scenes than ever before. Massachusetts trio Potty Mouth (who are surprisingly non-sweary given their name) could have formed in 1991 rather than 2011, as they take the sounds of alt-rock from that era and blow the cobwebs off them for a fresh feel.

New single 'Cherry Picking' is essentially a powerpop song with a driving beat and razor-sharp guitars. The verses impose a self-confidence that almost feels domineering and has a slight swagger, but the chorus floods the song with a pristine pop melody that's an instant hit. The harmonies don't do them any harm either, and help ensure that 'Cherry Picker' lingers in the mind long after you've first heard it. The band will be touring the US east coast in September in support of their self-titled EP which is out on August 21st. It should be sweet.

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Catch them live:

9/21 - Allston [Boston], MA @ Great Scott
9/22 - Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle
9/23 - New Haven, CT  @ BAR
9/24 - Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium 

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