Thursday 20 August 2015

Get Me Free #36: GROUNDERS - Bloor St. & Pressure

Article by KevW

Earlier this year, Toronto quartet GROUNDERS released their self-titled debut album which followed a 2013 EP. The time inbetween was spent rediscovering a love of alternative pop music, something which shines through on new single 'Bloor St. & Pressure' which is being released ahead of a North American tour this autumn. You can hardly say that this track is conventional pop, not by any stretch of the imagination, and reading up on the influences for the album (Bowie, NEU!, The Zombies, Devo...) that was never really the intention.

Here the band seem intent on keeping their music accessible without detracting from what inspired them in the first place, and so we're gifted pop melodies and a catchy song that crosses over quite heavily to more left-field genres such as krautrock, psychedelia and retro electronica. It's pretty insatiable though, and manages to be both jittery and smooth, which isn't an easy task. If you picture a more high octane MGMT then you're close to what the four-piece have done here. This is a tune with depth, energy and melody. Three key ingredients to making a great record basically.

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Catch them live:

8/21 Sudbury @ The Townhouse
8/22 North Bay @ Raven and Republic
9/10 Toronto @ The Silver Dollar
9/14 Winnipeg @ The Handsome Daughter
9/15 Saskatoon @ Vangelis
9/16 Edmonton @ Wunderbar
9/17 Calgary @ Broken City
9/18 Revelstoke @ Harvest Festival
9/19-9/20 Victoria @ Rifflandia
9/22 Vancouver @ The Media Club
9/23 Bellingham @ The Shakedown
9/24 Seattle @ Rendezvous
9/25 Eugene @ Luckey's
9/26 Portland @ White Eagle
10/1-10/2 San Francisco @ Culture Collide Festival
10/8  Los Angeles, CA @ Culture Collide Festival
10/11 Denver @ Moe's
10/13 Chicago @ Schubas
10/14 Pittsburgh @ Spirit
10/20 Boston @ Great Scott
10/23 Moncton, NB @ Plan B
10/24-10/26 Halifax Pop Explosion

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