Friday 28 August 2015

POST LOUIS - 30m Pool

Article by KevW

It wasn't just us who were a little upset that Cajun Dance Party split after just one album, but things haven't turned out that bad after all. While a reunion for a group whose members are still young wouldn't be something we'd disagree with (but is probably unlikely), it seems there was enough talent in that band of teenagers to go on and produce some fantastic music with various other projects. The most prominent of these has been Yuck, but they have some stiff competition from POST LOUIS, a quintet originally formed by ex-CDP man Robbie Stern and vocalist Stephanie Davin who together act as the group's main songwriters.

Following a couple of well-received EPs, POST LOUIS now release '30m Pool', a song that's been a live favourite for some time. Quite possibly their most complete track yet, '30m Pool' uses Davin's vocal as a strong focal point, whilst also making sure that the music is high in the mix without things ever sounding too cluttered. This could have been made into a dreamy, slightly ambient number, but thanks to some gritty guitar it has plenty of edge which means it commands more attention than that. The continuous splashing of drums gives a smoothness as well which makes this a track with depth (no pun intended) and a wide appeal. We'll happily put any hopes of a reunion on hold for now.

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