Tuesday 25 August 2015

Aircraft - Stick

Article by KevW

Even the title of Aircraft's new EP makes it sounds as though fantastical, psychedelic, shimmering, experimental pop magic lies within. The innovative Buffalo, New York quartet have impressed other high quality bands since their formation in 2012, landing support slots with Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall amongst others. That alone could suggest that there's a garage-rock side to what they do as well, and the new EP's first taster, 'Stick', confirms that fully, taking the familiar 'Nuggets' style psych and garage blueprint and bringing it up to date.

Yeah, 'Stick' will still remind you of a few '60s groups, that's for sure. But the sprightly riff and insistent drumming add a liveliness that's much more modern, and when they break for the harmonious chorus it does sound like a gem from a sparkling void. A contagious chorus is never a bad way to engage listeners, so for an introduction to '7 Gems From The Sparking Void' (out later this week) this is about perfect. Lyrically there's a certain philosophical edge, so if you want to delve in further then the option's there, but as top, pure alternative guitar music goes, this won't fail you either way.

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