Friday 21 August 2015

Shivery Shakes - Swimming

Article by KevW

Taken from their album 'Three Waves and a Shake', released late last year, this new video single from Texan quartet Shivery Shakes contains suitably surfy guitar for an album and track with those respective names. It also seems to work better as a summer record than one released at the end of October, so it's a fitting push for an very good indie-pop song that could perhaps be filed alongside Surfer Blood and bands of that ilk, although this is more jangly than their often powerpop influenced sounds.

It's safe to say that no new ground has been broken on 'Swimming', and there are several other groups doing similar things, but then music isn't always about generating a brand new genre with each release, more often than not it's about making good tunes which is exactly what these guys have done. As well as fitting into the recent wave of lo-fi guitar-pop bands from the US, this song also brings to mind '80s indie bands such as those from the scenes in Glasgow and Dunedin, New Zealand, both of which have had a great influence of late. So a summery alternative pop song it is, but it's great fun, and you can't knock that.

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