Thursday 20 August 2015

The Yellow Traffic Light - Cole Drives Too Fast

Article by KevW

We're told we should never judge a book by its cover, but does the same apply to band names? I mean, The Yellow Traffic Light is surely some '60s garage/psych revivalist band. They sound like they belong on a 'Nuggets' compilation, probably in between The Chocolate Watchband and Strawberry Alarm Clock. Well, the Italians aren't exactly the polar opposite of that genre, being a guitar band that douses the odd bit of psych to their music. But despite the likelihood of music from that era being an influence, new single 'Cole Drives Too Fast' sounds much too modern.

Sure, there's more than a little surf about the guitar work here, but the production is pretty up to date despite also being... well, not quite lo-fi, let's say mid-fi. The track title is fitting too, as this does seem to hurtle along at 100mph without a care in the world. Really you'd have to say that The Yellow Traffic Light have absorbed some classic '60s pop, welded it to post-punk and then thrown themselves headlong into creating an insatiable indie-punk-pop delight. There's nothing yellow about this, it's pure "go" and definitely gets the green light from us.

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