Friday 21 August 2015

Actor - Baby Cries

Article by KevW

Amongst the generic, over (and identically) produced chart pop that hits us like a tidal wave with no signs of abating, there have been a good few genuine alt-pop artists that have surfaced in recent years and gone on to mainstream success. With blokes it seems to be dull, watered-down singer-songwriters who buck the autotuned trend, so it's been left to female stars to carry the flag for decent commercial music. Guessing who the next champion will be is no clear-cut thing; so many different factors are involved. However, if it were down to music alone, then Actor is deserving of a place in the public consciousness.

The alias of Leeds-based vocalist Louisa Osborn who collaborates with producer Chris Mulligan and drummer Ste Anderson, their latest single, 'Baby Cries' is a great showcase for a voice that is powerful, smooth and emotive, not to mention note perfect. Musically the track is an amalgamation of regular instruments (guitar, drums...) and a spooky, atmospheric production which acts as a great bed for that voice to cast its slightly reverberating spell over. Having a gradual build in intensity keeps you engaged, and really there's no reason why this couldn't cross over in the same way that, say, Florence and the Machine did. Yes, getting to that stature may take time and the correct exposure, but with an appeal as broad as this it's not out of the question.

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