Tuesday 1 September 2015

Get Me Free #45: We Came As Strangers - Eyedom

Article by KevW

Going into the studio to record an album without a single note or lyric written is taking a big risk, or at least it would be for most bands. We Came As Strangers have made all three of their LPs this way, including 'Eyedom' which is out this week. Mind you, when you have the musical pedigree this quartet possess - guitarist Jutsin Sandercoe has notable fans in Brian May and Steve Vai, as well as being described as "one of the most influential guitar teachers in history" by The Independent, bassist Tim Harries has appeared on records by Brian Eno, David Holmes and Katie Melua, singer Ellem has had her music used on numerous TV and film projects, and drummer Owen Thomas has also worked extensively on TV and film soundtracks, so you could perhaps consider them a supergroup - then ideas will begin to flow.

The album's title-track shows the cinematic qualities you may expect from people who've worked in such areas, with a peaceful, ambient beginning that slowly builds. shimmering into view like the sun rising. When the vocal hits, bass and drums enter the fray too, but without getting too technical or endeavouring to show off any excessive musical talent. The key is almost in the song's simplicity, so no noodley soloing or overly technical showmanship is introduced. Instead, 'Eyedom' shows its magic through the group's knowledge of how music works; this is spacious and calm, yet at the same time it's filled with sound and is somewhat expansive. The production is pretty much spot on too, resulting in an accomplished and seductive piece of dreampop.

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