Monday 10 August 2015

Get Me Free #29: Yokan System - Klee

Article by KevW

This October, Japanese duo Yokan System will release their debut album, 'Whispering', through Ample Play Records. Building on the success of a European tour last year, both singles they've released so far are set to be included, as with 'Yokan Teresa' which landed this February. As well as the A-sides, that track's B-side 'Klee' is also set to feature on the album, because really, their B-sides sound like singles anyway.

With 'Klee' being sung entirely in (I assume!) Japanese, quite what it's all about I don't know, but the strange mix of high-pitched voices and incessant electronic bleeps makes for something that's quite intense but at the same time extremely listenable, as well as being pretty unique. Underlying all this is a basic synth pattern and a thumping beat which gives the song a trippy quality that makes it sound a bit like it was beamed down by aliens. Which can only be a good thing, naturally.

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