Thursday 6 August 2015

Get Me Free #25: Stolen Jars - Bright Red

Article by KevW

Just last month we covered the first single from Stolen Jars' long-awaited second album, the title-track 'Kept'. The planned release date of early August has been put back until the 28th while they hit the road for some North American dates in support of the release. Word has it, that following that 2011 debut, the duo have opted for a more adventurous and experimental sound, something that can easily backfire, especially with casual fans. On the strength of the two songs we've heard so far, they should do just fine.

Second single 'Bright Red' has a crisp and clean sound and innovates without becoming obtuse or awkward. This is another great pop song, albeit one with a juddering stomp of a beat on occasion, as well as intricate layers that compliment each other rather than building a wall of sound. You can hear every note. Molly Grund's sweet vocals will always ensure that, even at their most innovative, Stolen Jars have an irresistible grounding to compliment the new ideas they bring to their music. Another winner, and a potentially great album on the way.

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