Friday 28 August 2015

Fresh Snow - Proper Burial

Article by KevW

This quartet from Toronto have been around a few years now, developing their own blend of instrumental music (with occasional guest vocalists) based on post-rock, drones, electronica and other forms of sonic experimentation. It was in 2010 that Fresh Snow formed, and in 2013 their debut album made it on to the POLARIS music prize long-list. So they're not short of experience and their talents haven't gone unnoticed by the press either. With a new EP, 'Won', set for release on September 11th (and featuring a couple of guests, including Fucked Up's Damian Abraham), the group have revealed the spooky and nocturnal video to 'Proper Burial'.

Quaking drums and a meandering bass conspire with vintage organ and electronic pulses to give 'Proper Burial' an instant impact. Seductive (and oddly eerie with it) vocals come courtesy of Carmen Elle from DIANA and Army Girls, and things only get more intense and darker as more layers and clangs are added to the musical backing. Then suddenly the clouds part and strings appear momentarily to give a different ambiance, but it's only a brief interlude. Soon the screeching and thundering backing returns to close out 'Proper Burial' in much the same way as it began; robust, forceful, and almost confrontational. Fresh Snow aren't as clean and pearly white as their name may suggest...

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