Tuesday 25 August 2015

Coquin Migale - S O C O T R A

Article by KevW

It's great when you hear bands that aren't quite as one-dimensional as they might at first seem, instead throwing surprises at you and genuinely impressing. Formed at Northumbria University in 2013, Coquin Migale are one such group. There's no shortage of four-piece groups made up of blokes playing guitars and drums, and many of these can blend into one when you're bombarded by such bands so often. It takes a something a bit different to actually stand out, and these guys seem to have what it takes, with national press and radio play already under their belt.

'S O C O T R A' is the latest single from their current EP 'Feel' and begins in a mildly unassuming way despite a strong vocal, then they switch to a hybrid of math-rock (think early Foals) and something that wouldn't have sounded out of place on the first Klaxons album. It would be easy just to tag them as a good but typical British indie band, but then they thrown in a gargantuan blast of shoegaze guitars, splash reverb over the voice and add wind-tunnel production that, when played loud, will probably singe your eyebrows. They maybe an indie-rock quartet, but Coquin Migale are multi-faceted and ambitious, and that's what gives them the edge.

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