Friday 7 August 2015

Get Me Free #26: Deathstar Convertible - Parallax

Article by KevW

It's a bumper crop for today's "Get Me Free", because although we're concentrating on one particular song, it's actually from a six-track mini album which is available for the price of your choosing (so grab it free, or better still, leave a few quid if you can). Deathstar Convertible is a musician from Salisbury whose intention is to create instrumental pieces which could be the soundtrack to a film, with post-rock and electronica being key influences. On the 'Shadows Smile' album, he achieves this with quite intense bursts of noise combined with more ambient sections, and some tracks stretch out past the six or even ten minute mark. So epic is the name of the game for much of his work.

If we take opening track 'Parallax' though, we find something that fits nicely into the category of experimental electro, post-rock and even modern psychedelia. It's as near as Deathstar Convertible get to a single, and will also prick up the ears of shoegaze and krautrock fans, using scorching, affected guitar and crashing drums to build its potency, while more gentle piano hides beneath it all. When everything is at full force it blows many other DIY type solo experimenters out of the water. There's more than a little majesty to 'Parallax' too, as it never allows itself to become swallowed up by its own cacophony. Any aspiring filmmakers out there could do worse than giving this guy a call.

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