Saturday 8 August 2015

Get Me Free #27: Patti Yang Group - I'm Ready

Article by KevW

When something is described as falling "somewhere between Massive Attack and Zola Jesus", then you could rightly expect trip-hop with a Gothic edge and a dark heart. For this new track by the Patti Yang Group (which will be on their forthcoming album), recording time was split between London and Joshua Tree. Desert-trip-hop-psych then? Well, not really. Actually, 'I'm Ready' contradicts most of those statements right away. Yes, there is a trip-hop element to this song, but it's rooted somewhere altogether different from dark streets or great outdoor expanses.

With a mid-tempo beat and hushed, breathy vocals, 'I'm Ready' is much lighter than you may expect, and rather than any form of psychedelia or street-tough vibe, it's actually '90s dance music that's stirred into the mix to give it some individuality over other similar acts. Sure, had this been released twenty years ago it would perhaps have been a little ahead of its time, but it wouldn't have sounded out of place. In fact, with just a slight tempo change and a lighter production, this is not far away from being a potential chart hit.

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