Sunday 23 August 2015

Gold Celeste - Open Your Eyes

Article by KevW

When a member of the band in question describes their latest single as "An arpeggio synth with 8 bit sampled vocals, three out of tune flutes, two bass guitars, mellotron, vibraphone, 12 string guitars, fuzzed out electric guitars, squeaky keys - all held together by a drummer eventually pushed so hard that he literally can’t keep up (listen closely at 04:03!)", then you know it's going to be good (as well as doing us out of a job, although the drumming actually sounds fine, if it wasn't mentioned you'd just think it was a pause or an off-beat), and 'Open Your Eyes' doesn't fail to live up to expectations.

The second single from 'The Glow', the debut album from Norway's Gold Celeste is perhaps more laid-back than that description may suggest, because really it's only the drumming that comprises of tricky, often hectic shuffles and fills. The rest is slightly acid-fried psychedelic dreampop that focuses lyrically on the human condition and the over reliance on what we see physically to guide us when life is much more involved than that. It's a lovely piece of time-spanning pop though, borrowing from early psych pioneers of the '60s, through to Grandaddy and Mercury Rev. Being as blissfully sunkissed as it is means that the inclination is to do just the opposite of what the lyrics suggest: chill-out, listen, and switch off your mind as you let these soft, kaleidoscopic sounds drift over you.

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