Saturday 8 August 2015

The Popguns - Still Waiting For The Winter EP

Article by KevW

When The Popguns returned last year they did so in some style, with new album 'Pop Fiction' being both instantly engaging and also the sleeper hit of the year. Contained therein was some classic powerpop, and with the news that they're currently working on a new album we can hope for more of the same, but they prove here that they have more than one trick. One of the less punchy but no less delightful songs - in fact it became something of a highlight - was the track 'Still Waiting For The Winter', released here as the lead to an EP featuring a trio of new recordings. This set showcases a different side to the band, with the relatively mellow title-track being the closest we get to the aforementioned powerpop sound.

'BN3' might sound like a British postcode, and it most probably is, as the song is a gorgeous waltz-time love story that takes place at Hove County Cricket Ground - you don't get that with many other bands. Another wistful love song with a wintry feel is 'Why You Fell In Love With Me' which shows just how good The Popguns actually are are writing; it's not all about punchy guitar lines and driving beats. This is as snuggly and warm as a cup of hot soup in front of the fire in January. Lastly, 'Diane's Song' is simply timeless, and could have been written at any point during the past 60 years. Altogether, this is another side to a band who may not be as easy to pigeonhole as some people might have thought. If they're waiting for winter then they have a while to go, but with any luck it'll bring a new album with it.

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