Thursday 20 August 2015

VANT - The Answer

Article by KevW

It's been an uphill ride for Sunderland's VANT these past few months, with their first two singles picking up national radio exposure and also seeing them tick off some impressive live slots throughout the festival season, with Reading and Leeds and The Secret Garden Party still to come. A showcase featuring them, Kagoule and Peluché earlier this month must have made for a great night out too. Current single 'The Answer' is likely to see them gain further exposure and increase their already sizable fanbase, as they keep their foot to the floor and smash through some powerful and politically-charged garage-rock.

There's an intensity here that can only come from a band with a hunger and a passion for what they do, and that will be partly down to their style of no-compromise, battering ram indie-rock, but also, as the title suggests, their quest for answers about the state of the world, the validity of recent wars and the seeming inability of highly paid governments to actually get down to solving major problems such as global poverty and instability. They don't hold back lyrically either, so it may not be one to play in front of the kids, but the message is clear. And if it all sounds a bit earnest and heavy going, then rest assured that it's a belting powerhouse of a tune with it.

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