Wednesday 19 August 2015

Ten Fé - Make Me Better

Article by KevW

Formerly known simply as Fé, London duo (they expand to a quartet for live performances) Ten Fé have recently retreated to Berlin for a year with producer Ewan Pearson who's previously worked with The Rapture, Jaguar Ma and M83 to complete work on their debut album. With such a journey, a considerable amount of time and an experienced hand at the desk, you'd have to think that Ten Fé don't intend to be here just to make up the numbers. They want their album to sound exactly as they envisaged it, and for it to engage with listeners as well. As such, 'Make me Better' can be considered their first proper single and also the first taster of what those sessions produced.

As a clatter of drums and some sweeping strings kick things off, you already know they've hit the nail on the head. Combining elements of dreampop, indie and electro, as well as classic alternative pop, 'Make Me Better' would already be a big hit if it was released by an established band. Nothing is overcooked; there doesn't appear to have been any attempt to water-down or over sanitize the music they make, it simply sounds like a modern, majestic and very moreish track that bodes well for the future. Making predictions about possible success is a purely hit and miss game nowadays, but you'd have to think these guys are in with more than a fighting chance.

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