Friday 14 August 2015

Get Me Free #32: Kev La Kat - We Can Fly

Article by KevW

The latest single from producer and multi-instrumentalist Kev La Kat is, to coin a footballing phrase, a bit like a game of two halves. Featuring piano from Melvyn Palmer, the first one and a half minutes of 'We Can Fly' is almost an acoustic dreamscape with a mild electronic undercurrent. Little more than guitar and bass get proceedings underway, but then slowly the piano begins to appear and ghostly vocals drift in with it, gradually getting louder.

Once the voice becomes clear, 'We Can Fly' suddenly jumps into a kind of folktronica as a beat joins and the bass turns from a gentle plod into something more akin to the womps found in dubstep, although tagging this song as part of that genre wouldn't really be accurate. Tinkling percussion ensures this is too light, and the breaks for squalls of electric guitar suggest an indie/electronic hybrid as much as anything. There are plenty of different textures and ideas to be found here, and it's almost as though you're getting two songs for the price of one, despite the fact that it's free anyway. Double bargain.

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