Tuesday 11 August 2015

Get Me Free #30: Sleeping Loops - Blunders

Article by KevW

By the sounds of things, Kyle McCarthy isn't short of talent. He began making records aged just sixteen and has been putting out music under the guise of Sleeping Loops ever since. And that's along with being a videographer, so he can keep everything pretty much in house. Plus, being from New York is bound to open up opportunities due to its fertile artistic nature. There are many releases to be found on his Bandcamp page, the most recent being last year's 'Moon Heavy' album, but new track 'Blunders' is being given away as a free download through the ever reliable Love Our Records net label.

It's easy to simply tag loads of music as "dreampop", especially if, like us, you're a website that covers a lot of material from that genre, but 'Blunders' does have a genuinely dreamlike quality to it. Synths swirl and twinkle, a light and airy beat ticks away in the background and the vocals occupy the twilight zone that occurs during the transition from night to day and give a soothing effect. Added together it makes for a wash of noise that will makes the world feel like a better place.

Sleeping Loops' website

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