Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Kantor Tzar Collectif - Liminal EP

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

We live in a global, multicultural society, so if Kantor Tzar is the real name of the brains behind this EP then he's just as likely to be from Gateshead as Russia or wherever the name may suggest. The addition of "Collectif" (its spelling in particular) would lead you to think this is perhaps a project housed outside the UK. And it is. Kantor Tzar Collectif is brought to us from the far flung reaches of Dublin. So not UK, but still in the islands of Britain, and the man behind the moniker (it does seem to be a solo venture) is Charco Tzar. He appears to responsible for some very impressive alt-rock. Thus far two EPs have been released, with 'Liminal' being the most recent. You can handily get both with free shipping for a limited time if you pop over here, and it's worth it. A full debut album is planned for 2014.

"Easy place to start" is repeated in the chorus to 'Deuce', and it's fitting, because talking about this EP isn't difficult. There are no weak links, this is solid, experimental and very accomplished, all while maintaining an alternative and innovative edge. Guitars and drums entwine with synths and drum machines and create a purely modern form of music. You can maybe hear this best on 'Cowardice' or 'Lose Yourself''s modern spin on '90s trip-hop. 'Sforza' is the monster lurking in the wardrobe or under the bed, it's menacing and uncomfortable, but that's all part of the thrill, and the same goes for the spooky intro to 'In Mercury'. Charco Tzar is a master of atmosphere and he doesn't put a foot wrong on this EP, suffice to say we'll be posting regular updates and developments when we get them; definitely an artist worth getting excited about.

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