Sunday 22 September 2013

Affair - To Get/Shoulder Length

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Sometimes things meld and blend to create something that is a wonderful, delightful surprise. These things are made all the sweeter because the elements that you mix shouldn't really work, shouldn't really give us such joy. My example would be gin and tonic. Separate, one is nearly un-consumable and the other is nondescript fizzy liquid. Then together; liquid bliss… and so to Affair and their latest release 'To Get'. The song swims together to creates quite something mesmerising and seductive. Break down its contents and there are snatches of sounds and vibes that are removed from each other in a marked esoteric fashion, then Affair use their alchemy and give us a sublime song.

We have swathes of '80s synths which stretch and bend with a modulated yearning. There are abstract electronic flashes which are in their own singular time, and over all this lie feline, crystal vocals that have a effortlessness too them. Then the components really don’t matter when they become one and give us the stately joy that is 'To Get'. Sister song 'Shoulder Length' is no lesser than 'To Get.' Here it's minimally more direct, those beguiling vocals have an edge of a 25th century Kate Bush, and it entrances in the same, wondrous manner. Both songs here, while built on the electric, have a humane, organic touch that allows them to grow and delight as you keep returning to them. This Affair I won’t be hiding.

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